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“We’re not ending a chapter; we’re just going to the next phase in our lives.”

About the Book

Life Got In The Way is the story of two African American women, Jackie Colson and Dana Talbert, who meet during their freshman year at Wilberforce University and become lifelong friends. Both are bright optimistic students with high expectations of future success. They naively think that the road will be relatively simple and neither is prepared for what life brings them. Little do they know that so many things will be out of their control.

Jackie Colson, orphaned at birth and raised by her grandmother, is determined to become a partner in a law firm before she’s forty. Dana Talbert had a perfect life plan until an unexpected and determined boyfriend got in the way. We journey with them as they face major life issues; marriage, divorcé, infidelity, illness and aging. Throughout all their challenges the one thing that remains constant is their bond of friendship.

Dana and Jackie reinvent themselves, adapt to new circumstances, and rely on their friendship into middle age. Will there come a time when even friendship won’t be enough to get them through? In Life Got in the Way, Deborah Davis explores the changing roles of women as they move from the seventies to the present facing changing goals, aspirations, and expectations and the realization that they can do it all.

“We’re not ending a chapter; we’re just going to the next phase in our lives.”

About Deborah

This is my first novel and I am so excited to be at this phase in my life. I loved writing when I was in school in the Lincoln Heights area of Cincinnati, Ohio; so, I automatically planned to major in English when I attended college, but I had no idea what I wanted to do with my degree so I discontinued. Read More


"Life Got In The Way" takes you on an incredible journey. You laugh, you cry, you get angry and you get inspired. It helps you to remember that some of life's toughest challenges bring the greatest rewards.

- Gloria Logan

A truly original work. Deborah Davis' characters in Life Got In The Way are absolutely real and wonderful.

- Flo Davis

When Deborah told me she was writing a book, I was so excited and happy for her. When she completed her final draft and she asked me to be one of the reader/reviewers, I was ecstatic with joy!

- Linda O'dell

A superb debut, "Life Got in the Way" affirms that life does not always happen as planned. The reader is reminded that life's path is a twisting one, but a rewarding one if we take the turns one step at a time. The writer has crafted a story that reminds us of why we must savor every day.

- Novanna E. Hunt

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